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Meet Our Extraordinary 2023 Award Recipients

From passionate advocates to inspiring storytellers, these young stewards of the planet are using their voice and ingenuity to tackle the planet’s most pressing environmental issues.
Resolving the Plight of Smog;
Lahore, Pakistan

Abdullah Shahid

Cleaning the air through a community-driven cycle club.

Abdullah Shahid is an ardent environmentalist seeking to unearth the alarming traces of poor air quality of Lahore and cite these to the public of Pakistan. Shahid is aiming to provide a no-compromises alternative to the norms of transport used by all to get to school to put into effect a chain reaction of cutting down one’s carbon footprint and hence being a part of a conclusive goal.
No Waste Nation;
Hillsborough, CA, USA

Kayla Ling

Using the power of social media to connect local waste reducers.

Kayla Ling is passionate about addressing social issues like the climate crisis, racial injustice, and gender inequity with hope-based solutions like film, writing, and community conversations. Her latest project, #NoWasteNation, creates a platform on Instagram for creative waste reducers to unite through social media. She hopes that by highlighting the creative actions of specific community leaders, other community members will be inspired to reduce waste themselves.
Foresta Vivero;
San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Regina Gutiérrez

Addressing climate change by rehabilitating ecosystems affected by forest fires.

Foresta Vivero was created after the forest fires affected the San Miguelito Sierra in 2019. A group of students concerned about the situation worked to contribute to the restoration of the damaged ecosystem. They talked to experts about their ideas to make sure that they had a positive impact and their actions would not affect the environmental balance.
Save the Forests;
Lexington, MA, USA

Soren Goldsmith

Protecting nature through photography and storytelling.

Soren Goldsmith is an award-winning wildlife photographer and conservationist based in Lexington, Massachusetts. He uses photography to tell stories that promote the protection of local ecosystems and wildlife. In his most recent project, he employs motion-activated cameras, or “camera traps”, to capture photos of elusive local wildlife. By placing the cameras deep in conservation properties, he reveals the unseen animals that live in his town.
Our Environment, Our Responsibility; New Bussa, Nigeria

Oluwaseyi Aina, Ayomide Alagbe, Mercy Ojotola, Naimat Lukman, Nancy Nkili

Protecting nature through community education to prevent poaching and logging.

Nancy Nkili, Ayomide Alagbe, Oluwaseyi Aina, Mercy Ojotola, and Naimat Lukman are part of the MESL School Environmental Protection Club (MSEPC) in New Bussa, Nigeria. The objective of the club is to enlighten its members of the need to protect our environment and identify ways they can contribute to protecting the environment.

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