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We are always on the lookout for partners who share our passion to push the boundaries of exploration.

Scaling our efforts around telling stories that change the world is critical to both how we understand our planet and its future.

Through collaboration with National Geographic Partners, the media arm of National Geographic, we have the ability to amplify the impact of our Explorers and programs through a unique combination of media, events, and experiences—reaching audiences all over the globe.

Our connections are crucial to our survival and our work is more important than ever, but we can’t do it alone. More than just a partnership, we aim to establish ongoing relationships. 

Stronger together
Strategic and enterprise-wide corporate partnerships

We know first-hand that with support from companies like you, the opportunity to fund new research, promote conservation efforts, and inspire a new generation of Explorers is elevated. Fostering strategic corporate partnerships also gives your company the opportunity to make good on brand promises, engage your employees in exciting ways, and directly demonstrate the power of a company’s impact on our planet by helping us advance our mission. We share the same goals, and together we can help accomplish them.

Featured partnerships:

National Geographic and Rolex Committed to a Perpetual Planet

Mountains. Rainforests. The ocean. These critical Earth systems provide some of the most basic needs for life on the planet, but they are increasingly at risk due to global environmental challenges. That's why we've partnered with Rolex to support trailblazing scientific research, expeditions, and solutions to drive action to address threats to our planet.

National Geographic and DeBeers Okavango Eternal

De Beers has joined National Geographic to help with one of the biggest conservation challenges in Africa: preserving the source waters of the Delta and the lives they support. Together, we will work with local communities to protect wildlife and build sustainable livelihoods across the region.

If you are interested in learning more about partnership opportunities, please fill out the form below and a member of the Corporate Philanthropy & Partnerships team will be in touch.

Corporate Membership
Join our inner circle

As a nonprofit, it would be impossible for us to advance our mission alone. That’s why we invite companies that share our vision to support our work as Corporate Members. This supportive collaboration allows us to reach our goals while simultaneously helping companies reach theirs. Becoming a Corporate Member reinforces brand commitments and goals to employees, while also providing them with unique opportunities to hear directly from world-renowned National Geographic Explorers. Corporate Member employees receive exclusive benefits and privileges that provide insider access to cutting-edge exploration and discovery taking place across the globe, including:

An Explorer's perspective on

Foundation Partnerships

“Because of Lyda Hill Philanthropies and its support of Expand the Field, I’ve not only been able to strengthen my work as a scientist, but also to take time to mentor, educate, and inspire other women and girls along the way.”
Rae Wynn-Grant
National Geographic Explorer & Biologist
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Together we can change the world.

With your support, we’re driving new knowledge, working to reduce our human footprint on the planet, and inspiring a new generation of changemakers to value the natural world and help create a brighter future. 

Contact our team to learn more about how your organization can contribute to our mission-driven work around the world.

Lisa Herzog
Vice President of Institutional Partnerships, Deputy to the Chief Advancement Officer & Campaign Director

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