MapMaker Launch Guide

We teamed up with Esri to create a reimagined version of National Geographic MapMaker that is more accessible, more flexible and more relevant. The new MapMaker 4.0 is available now for you to rebuild your maps and access all of the exciting new features. 

We recommend that you download any maps or content you have saved on the existing MapMaker 2.0 before June 2024 and create an account with Esri to begin creating new content on the reimagined MapMaker 4.0 tool. If you have any other questions, please view our support center.

Harnessing MapMaker

Getting Started

Here are some tips to get started using MapMaker’s updated intuitive design.

Map Skills for Students

This collection can help you teach an assortment of map skills through activities that address the spatial thinking abilities of children and developmental appropriateness.

Photo credits: Thalefang Charles

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