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Groundbreaking Archaeological Exploration

National Geographic has been at the frontier of groundbreaking archaeological exploration for over a hundred years, starting with explorer Hiram Bingham who made the front cover of National Geographic magazine with an account of his 1912 Peruvian expedition. Bingham used state-of-the-art photography equipment to record his findings at Machu Picchu, and returned with 250 pictures and detailed reports.

Today, National Geographic explorers are still on the cutting-edge of technology—like National Geographic Fellow Sarah Parcak who analyses satellite imagery taken hundreds of miles above the Earth to map archaeological sites around the world.

Building a Worldwide Team of Space Archaeologists

Now, explorer Sarah Parcak is taking her groundbreaking space archaeology work to Peru with the launch of GlobalXplorer°, a new and cutting-edge platform that empowers citizen scientists around the world to help reduce looting and encroachment at important archaeological sites—as well as discover and protect sites not known to modern archaeologists—using satellite imagery. Find out how you can become part of the GlobalXplorer° community and make a difference.

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Discover Secrets of Peru with GlobalXplorer°

GlobalXplorer°'s first expedition is to Peru. Throughout the expedition, National Geographic profiles of Peruvian cultures and explorers will be unlocked by the community. To get you started, check out these videos from archaeologists who have devoted their lives to the study of ancient cultures and artifacts in Peru.

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More About Space Archaeology

Help Discover Ancient Ruins

Help Discover Ancient Ruins  

Building a 21st Century Army of Global Explorers

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