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At Sea: July to August 2022
Country: Canada

The Place

The team studied five key priority areas identified by Indigenous leadership and the Canadian government: Nunatsiavut marine region near the Torngat Mountains, western Hudson Bay along the coast of northern Manitoba, Eeoyou Istchee marine region and Mushkegowuk marine region in James Bay, and Arqvilliit (Ottawa Islands) in the Nunavik marine region.

The Mission

From July to August 2022, the Pristine Seas team conducted an expedition to five priority marine conservation sites across the Arctic and Subarctic that have been identified by Indigenous leadership and the Canadian government. The expedition was carried out in partnership with Oceans North, an organization dedicated to supporting marine conservation in partnership with Indigenous and coastal communities.

The expedition included a multidisciplinary team exploring and documenting the unique and largely understudied underwater ecosystems and a media team that captured footage to produce two documentary films. Moving forward, the resulting scientific research and documentary films will support ongoing marine conservation initiatives in the regions and share Indigenous voices and visions for marine stewardship and conservation with the world.

Manu San Félix

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