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  • Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo, New York, USA
  • Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo, New York, USA
  • Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo, New York, USA
  • Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo, New York, USA

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Egyptian Spiny-Tailed Lizard

Uromastyx aegyptia

Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo, New York, USA


Its occurrence is very patchy and this is not easily explained by available habitat. This species is widespread but declining in parts of Jordan. It is locally common on the Arabian Peninsula (T. Papenfuss pers. comm. September 2008). It is generally uncommon and declining throughout its range in Egypt. There are possibly under 100 adults on Hengman Island, Iran (T. Papenfuss pers. comm. September 2008). Overall, the species is believed to be in decline due to habitat loss and over-harvesting. Read More

This species has been regularly reported in the international pet and medicinal trade. Some of this trade is illegal. There is severe collection pressure on the species. The species is locally used for food and medicinal purposes (exported to Malaysia). Its habitat is also being lost due to over-grazing, human settlement, large-scale agricultural expansion, land reclamation, solid waste dumping and off-road vehicles. In Egypt large portions of its range have been lost to quarrying for gravel and building material, especially in the Eastern Desert. Its populations are very fragmented throughout its wide range. On the Arabian Peninsula, the species is ... Read More

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