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  • Near Christova, Christoval, Texas, USA
  • Near Christova, Christoval, Texas, USA

Photo Ark

Male Painted Bunting

Passerina ciris

Near Christova, Christoval, Texas, USA

Near Threatened

Rich et al. (2004). Read More

Loss and intensification of habitat through urban development, road building and agricultural intensification, and capture for the cagebird trade are the primary threats (Lowther et al. 1999, Iñigo-Elias et al. 2002, Phillips Lynch 2004), with part of the declines also being attributed to brood-parasitism by Brown-headed Cowbird. Trapping and sale in local markets occurs in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and overseas to international markets in Europe, South America and Asia (Ramos 1982, Iñigo-Elias 1986, Iñigo-Elias et al. 2002). Read More

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