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Since 1888, the National Geographic Society has brought together extraordinary individuals from around the world. While our Explorers represent diverse backgrounds and pursue very different types of work, we think they share some traits in common. 

National Geographic Explorers:

  • are leaders.
  • are problem solvers.

  • are informed, curious, and capable individuals who are committed to making the world a better place.

  • have a sense of responsibility and respect for other people, cultures, and the natural world.

  • are empowered to make a difference, pursue bold ideas, and persist in the face of challenges.

  • observe, document, and engage with the world around them. 

  • tell stories that inspire others.

  • create and foster a global community committed to a sustainable future.

  • are committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in their respective fields.


The Explorer Code


The National Geographic Society is deeply committed to performing our mission in a manner that earns the respect of everyone we interact with and maintains our brand trust and reputation. Our success in achieving this mission is dependent upon an unwavering personal commitment from our Explorer Community. The Explorer Code is a simple credo that fosters a productive, collaborative, empathetic, and solution-oriented community. As a National Geographic Explorer, you are expected to exemplify this code, demonstrating integrity and acting according to the highest ethical standards.

  • treat their peers, National Geographic staff, and others in the community with respect.

  • present and share their work openly, truthfully, and accurately.

  • collaborate willingly with and support other members of the National Geographic Explorer Community.

  • set an example for and mentor other members of the National Geographic Explorer Community.


Our explorers in the field are working to illuminate and protect the wonder of the world. Find out more on a few of our explorers we’re featuring in the below profiles.


Meet all of our Explorers