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Over 250 BioBlitzes are taking place around the country in 2016. Join one near you!

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What is a BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz is an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time. At a BioBlitz, scientists, families, students, teachers, and other community members work together to get an overall count of the plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms that live in a place.

National Geographic and the National Parks BioBlitz

In the decade leading up to the National Park Service centennial, National Geographic and the National Park Service have collaborated on a BioBlitz in a different national park each year. In 2016, to celebrate the centennial, over 250 BioBlitzes are happening across the country and throughout the year.

The cornerstone BioBlitz in the Washington, D.C., region took place May 20-21.

The two-day Biodiversity Festival, held on the National Mall at Constitution Gardens, featured hands-on science exhibits, food and art, as well as family-friendly entertainment and activities.

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For more BioBlitzes around the country, including some not sponsored by National Geographic, look here!

Why Participate in a BioBlitz?

1. Explore Nature With an Expert Guide

Scientists will lead you on a special informative tour, pointing out the special natural attractions near you!

2. Join a Species Inventory

If you sign up to officially participate, you’ll join a biological species counting expedition, and your team could be the first to find a new species. 

3. Share Your Photos With Scientists

It's as easy as taking photos of the plants and animals you see and loading them into iNaturalist, which provides a place to record observations and get help with species identification from scientists. Learn More About iNaturalist.

4. Make New Friends and Celebrate Parks!

Thousands of people participated in the D.C. BioBlitz, and even more participants will be counting species across the country! Join in the celebration of the 100th birthday of the National Park Service.


Do Your Own BioBlitz​

BioBlitz Classroom Resources

BioBlitz Classroom Resources  

Connect Students with Citizen Science and Community Geography

Designing a BioBlitz Learning Experience

Designing a BioBlitz Learning Experience  

Recruit and support scientists, naturalists, and other expert volunteers to lead bioblitz inventories that engage both students and community members.

Schoolyard BioBlitz

Schoolyard BioBlitz  

Watch, learn, and plan your own citizen science adventure

BioBlitz Through the Years

Get Updates

See the impact we're making together, get the latest updates from BioBiltzes happening all over the country, and learn more about what's happening at the National Geographic Society.




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