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The National Geographic Society’s Big Cats Initiative supports scientists and conservationists working to save big cats in the wild. With your help, we’ve supported more than 153 innovative projects to protect big cat species in 28 countries and built more than 2,100 livestock enclosures to protect livestock, and save big cats from retaliatory killings. Together we’re helping big cats and communities thrive. Learn more about the initiative.


National Geographic Explorers-at-Large Dereck and Beverly Joubert

Dereck and Beverly Joubert and National Geographic founded the Big Cats Initiative in 2009 as an effort to halt the decline of big cats in the wild. The Jouberts are globally known conservationists and filmmakers who have been working to help save big cats, other key wildlife species, and their habitats for over 30 years.

Watch Dereck and Beverly Joubert’s recent interview on the TODAY Show.

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Our work to protect big cats is made possible by support from donors like you. With your help, we're working to save these and other threatened species - and the habitats they need to survive through on-the-ground research and innovative conservation projects. Together, we can secure a better future for big cats and threatened species all over the world.

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Top photo by Michael nichols; photo of dereck and beverly joubert 
and on the ‘help protect big cats’ section are by beverly joubert.