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Video Section

Video credit: National Geographic

Happening Now Section (left to right)

picture of photoark 7,000th species; photograph by joel sartore
Picture of Paul Salopek; photograph by john stanmeyer
Picture of lee berger at rising star cave: photograph by robert clark
picture of dr. carolyn boyd: photograph by Daniel Rodriguez/Shumla
Picture of lee berger: photograph by National Geographic creative
Picture of Shark and Diver: Photograph by Brian Skerry
Picture of teacher and student: Photograph by Lori Epstein
Picture of black crowned central american squirrel monkey: Photograph by Joel Sartore
Picture of Nat Geo Bee: Photograph by Mark Thiessen

Explorers Section

Map Credit: National Geographic Partners

Picture of Shivani Bhalla

Main: Photograph by Kat Keene Houge
Thumbnail: Photograph by Kat Keene Houge

Picture of Enric Sala

Main: Photograph by Manu San Felix
Thumbnail: Photograph by Rebecca Hale

Picture of Salam Al Kuntar

Main: Photograph by Jon Betz
Thumbnail: Photograph by Jon Betz

Picture of Steve Boyes

Main: Photograph by - National Geographic
Thumbnail: Photograph by Sora DeVore

Picture of Asha de Vos

Main: Photograph by Spencer Lowell
Thumbnail: Photograph by Randall Scott

Picture of Olivier Nsengimana

Main: Photograph courtesy Olivier Nsengimana
Thumbnail: Photograph courtesy Olivier Nsengimana

Picture of Jónína Ólafsdótti

Main: Photograph by Gisli A Guomundsson
Thumbnail: Photograph by Jóhann Garða

Picture of Maritza Moralez

Main: Photograph by Kat Keen Houge
Thumbnail: Photograph by Rebecca Drobis

Picture of Joel Sartore

Main: Photograph by Joel Sartore
Thumbnail: Photograph by Cole Sartore


Quote Section 1: Joel Sartore

Photograph by Cole Sartore

Impact Project Section, Hero Images

Pristine Seas: Photograph by Enric Sala
Okavango: Photograph by Kostadin Luchansky
Photo Ark: Photograph by Joel Sartore
Out of Eden Walk: Photograph by John Stanmeyer
Big Cats Initiative: Photograph by Beverly Joubert

Impact Project Teams (left to right)

Pristine Seas

Picture of Enric Sala: Photograph by Rebecca Hale
Picture of Paul Rose: Photograph by Andy Mann
Picture of Alan Friedlander: Photograph by Manu San Felix


Picture of Steve Boyes: Photograph by Sara DeVore
Picture of Adjany Costa: Photograph by Kyle Neil Gordon
Picture of Chris Boyes: Photograph by Chris Boyes
Picture of David Goyder: Photograph by Kostadin Luchansky
Picture of Bill Branch: Photograph by Alex Paullin

Photo Ark

Picture of Joel Sartore: Photograph by Cole Sartore
Picture of Carlton Ward Jr.: Photograph by Joel Sartore
Picture of Corinne Kendall: Photograph by Corinne Kendall
Picture of Jia Zhong: Photograph by Xuelian Zhang
Picture of Kalyar Platt: N/A (no photo yet)

Out of Eden

Picture of Paul Salopek: Photograph by John Stanmeyer

Big Cats

Picture of Dereck Joubert: Photograph by Mark Thiessen
Picture of Beverly Joubert: Photograph by Mark Thiessen
Picture of Laly Lichtenfeld: Photograph courtesy of African People and Wildlife Fund
Picture of Shivani Bhalla: Photograph by Kat Keene Houge
Picture of Thandiwe Mweetwa: Photograph by Frans Schepers

Sharing Cards/Impact cards section

Occupation Explorer: Photograph by Andy Bardon
Geo Bee Winner: Photograph by Mark Thiessen
Quote: Photograph by Mark Thiessen
Photo Ark: Photograph by Joel Sartore
Lion: Photograph by Michael Nichols
Flamethrower: Video Credit: National Geographic

Quote Section 2: Cristina Veresan

Photograph by Eric Guth

Educators Section

Picture of students: Photograph by Lori Epstein

Education Blocks (Clockwise from top left)

Top Left: Picture of explorer with artifact: Photograph by Kenny Broad
Top Right: Picture of student and teacher: Lori Epstein
Bottom Right: Picture of student with magnifying glass: Winn Brewer


Social Media Photos Section

Picture of Okavango project: Photograph by Mauro Sergio
Picture of owl: Photograph by Joel Sartore
Picture of snow scene: Photograph by Jill Schneider
Picture of Out of Eden project: Photograph courtesy Paul Salopek
Picture of 2017 Emerging Explorer Danielle N. Lee: Photograph by Laura M. Boykin
Picture of polar bear: Photograph by Enric Sala