The U.S. State Tabletop MapMaker Kits maps include state boundaries, interstate highways, rivers, and the top ten most populous cities in each state. Each state map is available as a downloadable tiled PDF that you can print, laminate, and assemble to engage students in group work to learn about their state's geography. The tiled map is a large map that prints out on several 8.5'' by 11'' sheets of paper for easy assembly and convenient printing. The map is also available as a "poster version" that you can print on a large-format printer.

Printing Tip
To print so the tiles line up perfectly, do not print directly from an Internet browser. First, download the files to your desktop. Choose File > Print.

In the pop-up menu, find the section for “page-scaling,” “paper sizing and handling,” or a similar label. In this section, select the option that is most similar to “shrink to printable area” or “shrink oversized pages” and print.
Find More Tools
To see an index of all maps included in the MapMaker Kits series (including U.S. states, continents, and polar regions) click here

For a customizable 1-page map of each state, visit the MapMaker 1-page Map tool here. These maps include less detail, but can be good for individual student work or for teacher presentation.