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Ethnic Diversity in Houston

Teach students about the spread of diversity by looking at the patterns of Houston, Texas, United States, and then branching out to explore other citi...

MapMaker: Protected Areas

The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) is the most comprehensive global database of marine and terrestrial protected areas, explore categories o...

The Silk Roads

This is an educator idea for teaching the significance of the Silk Roads to cultural development. The idea involves linking a map of the Silk Roads du...

MapMaker: Global Cities

City populations change sizes over time, some increase, and others decrease as industries or climate change. Select a city and explore how its po...

MapMaker: Energy Use

Develop an understanding of how much energy consumption has changed in different countries over forty years with MapMaker, National Geographic's class...

MapMaker: Major Earthquakes

Explore major (magnitude of 7.0 or higher) global earthquakes between 1950-2020 filtered from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake Ca...

MapMaker: Tectonic Plate Boundaries

Explore the boundaries between Earth's tectonic plates with MapMaker, National Geographic's classroom interactive mapping tool.

MapMaker: Latitude and Longitude

Lines of latitude and longitude help us navigate and describe the Earth. Explore them with MapMaker, National Geographic's classroom interactive mappi...

MapMaker: Meridians and Parallels

The lines that help us describe the Earth.

MapMaker: Ocean Currents

Explore Earth's global conveyor belt with MapMaker, National Geographic's classroom interactive mapping tool.

MapMaker: Volcanoes

Explore Earth's volcanoes with MapMaker, National Geographic's classroom interactive mapping tool....

Forms of Government, 2018

Througout the world, governments widely vary. Many of the world's governments, however, share common characteristics as shown in this map.

Dividing Species: Wallace Line Map

Use this infographic to teach students about the Wallace Line, a hypothetical boundary separating the biogeographical regions of Asia and Australia....

United States Westward Expansion

Expansion of the United States moved steadily westward from the late 18th to the mid 19th centuries. This territorial movement displaced most of the N...

Extreme Marine Ecosystems

Dive into Earth's most extreme marine ecosystems using this map and doing this activity.

Voter Registration Strategies and Percentages

In the United States, voter registration changes throughout the years. Have students use this map to look at American voter registration in 1990 to fa...

Lake Turkana Dam: Testing a Lake’s Limit

This is an educator idea for teaching about the current controversy over the Gilgel Gibe III, a hydroelectric power plant the Ethiopian government is ...

Gulf of Oil: Endangered Wetlands

Ask your students to recognize and analyze the sometimes-complicated effects of oil rigs and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico on the neighboring wetlan...

The Canadian Pipeline

Use this map to explore the significance of, and controversy surrounding, the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and oil tanker project. Students lear...

California's Pipe Dream

Teach about California’s water supply problems, the complexity of the state’s water transport system, and the conflicts of interest that c...

Triple Threats

Climate change is worsening the threats to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

GeoBee Study Toolkit: World

Map of the world with and without labels for use in National Geographic GeoBee preparation.

North American Species Migration Map

Explore the migration routes of several different species in North America.

GeoBee Study Toolkit: Africa

Map of Africa with and without labels for use in National Geographic GeoBee preparation.

GeoBee Study Toolkit: United States

Map of the United States with and without labels for use in National Geographic GeoBee preparation.