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Innovation for a planet in balance

National Geographic Labs harness technology and innovation, driving new ways of exploring and understanding the world, redefining our relationship to the planet and to each other, and inspiring actions to secure a planet in balance.

Exploration Technology Lab

Using breakthrough technologies to accelerate exploration and conservation

Geographic Visualization Lab

Engaging people with the natural and cultural world through immersive experiences about the state of our planet

Citizen Explorer Lab

Activating millions of people around the globe to explore, observe and analyze their world

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AI for Earth Innovation Grant

In partnership with Microsoft AI for Earth, we're looking for project proposals from around the world
that seek to use Artificial Intelligence for a more sustainable planet.

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Photographs by Terry Virts/NASA (Top Image) ; Martin Edstrom (Exploration Technology Lab) ; Terry Virts/NASA (Geographic Visualization Lab) ; Karine Aigner (Citizen Explorer Lab) ; James Kydd (drone) ; Dave McAloney (dropcam) ; Charlie Hamilton James/National Geographic Creative (bear caMera Trap) ; Brian Skerry (shark Critter Cam) ; Lucas Foglia (VR) ; Kenneth Garrett (Egypt Scan) ; David Yoder (3D/museum) ; Anand Varma (AI for Earth)