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Support for Women + Dependent Care

Photograph by Taylor Mickal/National Geographic

Women have made great strides in employment in the sciences in the past few decades, but remain underrepresented in this space in the U.S. workforce. A recent National Science Foundation report states "While women have reached parity with men among S&E [science and engineering] degree recipients overall, they constitute disproportionately smaller percentages of employed scientists and engineers than they do of the U.S. population." This is an issue not only in the United States. Employment opportunities in science and engineering fields remain elusive for women in many countries around the world.

While there are many reasons women are less likely than their male counterparts to move into full time careers in science and engineering, we aim to address a few of them with this additional support for women in the National Geographic explorers community.


The goal is to provide resources for women in these areas:

1. Professional development or training that will give them a special skill set or knowledge that will further their career

2. Presentation opportunities at high-profile conferences, symposia, or seminars to raise their profile among their peers

3. Participation in trainings or other opportunities to raise the profile of their work among the broader public

4. Dependent care assistance during the time away from family to facilitate participation in opportunities

This funding is available to women in all fields that National Geographic supports (research, conservation, education, storytelling, and technology).


Be as specific as possible about the opportunity in which you wish to participate. Name the conference where you have been accepted to present your work or the opportunity (course/training/workshop) you plan to take. For example:

“I am requesting funds to present my project that was funded by NGS at the Society for Conservation Biology annual meeting in Mexico City, March 10-15, 2018”; or “I would like to take a two day workshop with the Op-Ed Project to learn how to to write and place an op-ed related to working with indigenous communities in Peru to raise my profile as a thought leader in the cultural preservation space.”

We expect that you will carefully research the costs associated with the opportunity and accurately reflect those costs in your budget. Dependent care for the time you are participating in the opportunity is allowed in your budget.

This funding is available to those who have a current grant (received within the last two years) or formal relationship (e.g., Fellowship) with National Geographic. Preferential treatment will be given to those who are applying for opportunities related to their National Geographic grant or project.

There is a cap at $10,000 for each person who applies. Please anticipate at least two months to receive an answer on the funding and up to an additional two months to receive the funds, if approved.

A report will be required to close out this funding. The report will include 4-5 paragraphs describing the results of the funding, 2-4 photos of you participating in the opportunity, and an accounting for the budget. Any unused funds must be returned to National Geographic.


If you have further questions about this opportunity
please email us at



We are currently accepting applications for dependent care funding.
This opportunity is open to both women and men who have an active grant with National Geographic or who are attending a National Geographic-sponsored event.

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