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Photograph by Randall Scott

National Geographic’s annual Explorers Week brought together visionary individuals across a range of fields to meet and find ways to collaborate on innovative projects. This year’s Explorers Week featured the exciting work of our explorers and scientists—from the new technology they are using to explore uncharted territories to the innovative ways they are protecting threatened species and environments.

Miss a live broadcast or two? You can watch the panel discussions online now by selecting from the list below.



2016 Explorers Week Livestream Events

An Evening of Exploration and Discovery

See what’s possible when science and exploration come together. Join National Geographic pioneers and the next generation of explorers as they talk about their discoveries and what’s next in their quest to explore and protect the planet.

Conservation at a Crossroads

Hear from five dedicated wildlife experts who are working to protect threatened species and their fragile ecosystems for future generations. Learn about some of the innovative new ways they are helping communities and wildlife coexist more peacefully.

Into the Underworld

Meet four fascinating “underground” scientists, including Lee Berger, who was recently named one of Time magazine’s most influential people for his recent discovery of a new species of human ancestor. Hear about their latest finds and some of the mysteries that remain unsolved.

About Explorers Week

Meet This Year’s Class of Emerging Explorers

Meet This Year’s Class of Emerging Explorers  

Learn more about explorers who are making a difference and changing the world.

Videos and Stories

Videos and Stories  

Get a closer look at some of the explorers, scientists, conservationists, and storytellers who are working to reveal and protect our amazing planet.

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