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Photograph by Randall Scott

National Geographic’s annual Explorers Symposium brought together visionary individuals across a range of fields to meet and find ways to collaborate on innovative projects. This year’s symposium featured the exciting work of our explorers and scientists—from the new technology they are using to explore uncharted territories to the innovative ways they are protecting threatened species and environments.



2016 Explorers Symposium Livestream Events

Tuesday, June 14
7:00 PM ET

Nat Geo Live!: An Evening of Exploration and Discovery

Be part of one of National Geographic’s most inspiring annual events—Explorers Week—at an evening that celebrates the amazing things that are possible when science and exploration come together. Listen to in-depth conversations between renowned National Geographic pioneers and the next generation of explorers; hear their stories, learn their discoveries, and find out what’s next in their quest to explore and protect the planet. Moderator: Richard Bacon

Wednesday, June 15
9:00 AM ET

Introduction of 2016 Emerging Explorers and
PANEL 1: Get Your Feet Wet

Intrepid researchers brave the wilds of the ocean to reveal an underwater world that sustains life on Earth. Moderator: Valerie Craig

  • David Lang, Maker and Writer, 2016 Emerging Explorer
  • Asha de Vos, Marine Biologist and Ocean Educator, 2016 Emerging Explorer
  • Brennan Phillips, Deep Sea Biologist and Engineer, Nat Geo Grantee
  • Enric Sala, Marine Ecologist, Explorer-in-Residence
Wednesday, June 15
11:00 AM ET

PANEL 2: Blazars, Ice Falls and Plastic Walls

Creative minds pave the way for breakthrough achievements and bring a new perspective on engaging with the world. Moderator: James Williams

  • Arthur Huang, Engineer, 2016 Emerging Explorer
  • Jedidah Isler, Observational Astrophysicist, 2016 Emerging Explorer
  • Jeff Marlow, Geobiologist, Writer, and Educator, 2016 Emerging Explorer
  • Wasfia Nazreen, Mountaineer, Activist, and Educator, 2016 Emerging Explorer
Wednesday, June 15
1:30 PM ET

PANEL 3: Conservation at a Crossroads

Wildlife experts dedicate their lives to protect threatened species and their fragile ecosystems for future generations. Moderator: Catherine Workman

Wednesday, June 15
3:15 PM ET

PANEL 4: Edge of Extinction

Animal advocates courageously work to end the cycle of wildlife trafficking before critical species disappear from our planet. Moderator: Peter Gwin

Thursday, June 16
9:00 AM ET

PANEL 5: High Tech History

Aided by the latest technologies, innovators strive to document, interpret and protect our collective memory. Moderator: Matt Piscitelli

  • Yukinori Kawae, Archaeologist & Egyptologist, 2016 Emerging Explorer
  • Ross Davison, Digital Preservationist, Nat Geo Young Explorer Grantee
  • Sarah Parcak, Space Archaeologist, Nat Geo Fellow
Thursday, June 16
10:30 AM ET

PANEL 6: Into the Underworld

In hidden chambers of caves, old mysteries are investigated and new discoveries revealed. Moderator: Jamie Shreeve

Thursday, June 16
1:30 PM ET

Exploration in Progress

Returning explorers take the floor for 3 minutes each to share updates from the field. Moderator: Alex Moen

Thursday, June 16
5:00 PM ET

Awards Ceremony


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Meet This Year’s Class of Emerging Explorers  

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