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National Geographic Global Convenings are invite-only events illuminating issues and inspiring people around the world to join us in creating a planet in balance.

Please visit an event page to discover ways to stream live presentations or express your interest in attending an event.

Explorers Festival

Our planet is at a crossroads. If we don’t act, it could be too late. That's why the National Geographic Explorers Festival brings together innovative scientists, conservationists, explorers, and storytellers from around the world to share their discoveries, insights, and solutions for creating a more sustainable future. Discover how you can join them in changing the world!

Education Summit

Creating a planet in balance, one that can support all life, will be the greatest challenge of our century. We must equip the next generation with the curiosity, inspiration, and tools needed to care for and value the planet—now! Our Education Summit brings together educators and education leaders to explore innovative strategies that ignite a spirit of exploration in students and help young people become globally engaged citizens who live in the world responsibly.

Storytellers Summit

The National Geographic Storytellers Summit -- an expansion of National Geographic’s Photography Seminar -- is a multiday celebration for written and visual storytellers whose craft changes people’s understanding of the world. Join us to hear from influential and award-winning photographers, filmmakers, journalists, and data visualizers who witness the major events of our time, illuminate critical issues, and inspire action. Together, their powerful stories help us further understand each other and our world.

On Campus

National Geographic On Campus is a program designed specifically for university audiences. Our goal is to give students the tools they need to become leading changemakers by connecting them with National Geographic’s community of explorers—photographers, scientists, storytellers, and educators. Developed in collaboration with each participating institution, these multiday science and storytelling events create a unique chance for students to imagine a future in science, communications, filmmaking, education, and more!

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photographs by Taylor Mickal, Ian Nichols, Erin Schaff, and antonio Navarro