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Looking Back

Did you miss Explorers Festival? Catch up here on conversations with the world's most fascinating and innovative scientists, conservationists, explorers, and storytellers.



Meet the Sumatran Rhino

Tracking Plastics From Sea to Source

Virtual Reality in the Okavango Delta

Inside National Geographic’s Record-Breaking Everest Expedition

Women at the Forefront of Conservation

Climate Change: An Origin Story with Isaiah Nengo


Take a look at some of the inspirational presentations and conversations that took place during the 2018 event. To see more visit InsideNatGeo on YouTube.


Planet or Plastic?

Featuring Sylvia Earle, Heather Koldewey, Lillygol Sedaghat, Jenna Jambeck, Imogen Napper, and Valerie Craig.

Innovation Ignites Change

Featuring Bob Ballard, Kavita Gupta, Steven Brumby, Corey Jaskolski, Kakani Katija, and Jonathan Baillie.

What Tipped The Scale?

Featuring Victoria Herrmann, Emma Marris, Leland Melvin, Iain Stewart and Andy Revkin.

Explorer Lightning Talk

Featuring Katy Croff Bell

Update From The Field

Dereck and Beverly Joubert in conversation with Emma Carrasco.

Explorer Lightning Talk

Featuring Ameer A. Abdullah




Featuring: Sarah Parcak, Enric Sala, and Lee Berger

Transformative Tech

Featuring: Grace C. Young, Corey Jaskolski, Jennifer W. Lopez, and Charlie Hamilton James

Photography for Change

Featuring: Ronan Donovan, Anand Varma, and Joel Sartore

Leaving Terra Firma

Featuring: Bob Ballard, Bethany Ehlmann, Colonel Chris Hadfield, and Stephen Petranek


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