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Picture of M Jackson

Thin Ice | M Jackson  

April 6th | 2:00PM ET

Glaciologist M Jackson is here to take you on a tour of glaciers around the globe! Learn all about these fragile giants, and hear big and small ways you can be a part of protecting them.

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Illustrating Nature | Nirupa Rao

Illustrating Nature | Nirupa Rao  

April 7th | 9:00AM ET

Nirupa Rao is a Botanical Illustrator. Her scientifically accurate artwork celebrates the beauty of plants. Nirupa has created a children’s book about the plant kingdom that features the weird and the wacky, the carnivorous and the parasitic, the friendly and the fierce. Grab your own sketchbook and prepare to be inspired by the unique flora of India.

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Edward Hurme EDU

Tracking Bats | Edward Hurme  

April 7th | 2:00PM ET

Edward Hurme attaches miniature tracking equipment to wild bats in order to record their movements and the noises around them. Join him to learn all about bat behavior, and hear about his investigations of Myotis vivesi, a special type of bat that eats fish!

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Picture of Asha Stuart

Documentary Photography | Asha Stuart  

April 8th | 2:00PM ET

Asha Stuart is a documentary photographer and filmmaker who tells the stories of marginalized communities. Asha’s work has taken her all around the world. Join her to hear stories from children she’s documented on her journeys.

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Pristine Seas | Enric Sala

Pristine Seas | Enric Sala  

April 9th | 2:00PM ET

The ocean covers 70 percent of the planet and shelters an incredible diversity of life. It gives us food, jobs, and more than half the oxygen we breathe. But we’re taking too many fish out of the ocean, polluting it, and making it warmer and more acidic. Enric Sala launched the Pristine Seas project to explore and help save the last wild places in the ocean. Join him to learn more.

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Picture of 2017 emerging explorer Adjany Costa

Exploring the Okavango | Adjany Costa  

April 10th | 2:00PM ET

The greater Okavango River Basin is the largest freshwater wetland in southern Africa. Let conservationist and ichthyologist (fish scientist) Adjany Costa be your guide, and join in to see what we can find out on the landscape.

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Picture of Alize Carrere

Adapting to Climate Change | Alizé Carrère  

April 13th | 2:00PM ET

Alizé Carrère is a cultural anthropologist and filmmaker. Her research focuses on climate change utopias, or “climatopias:” the forward-looking plans that architects, designers and futurists are drawing up in response to imminent environmental change. Tune in to learn about human adaptations to climate change around the world.

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Picture of Rosamira Guillen

Cotton-Top Tamarins | Rosamira Guillen  

April 14th | 2:00PM ET

Learn about the cotton-top tamarin with conservationist Rosamira Guillen. Cotton-top tamarins are native to northern Columbia and are critically endangered due to deforestation & illegal pet trade. Hear about how Rosamira works to protect the future of this adorable, endangered primate species.

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Andrej Gajic | Protecting Sharks

Andrej Gajic | Protecting Sharks  

April 20th | 11:00AM ET

Andrej Gajić is the head of National Geographic’s Shark Tales team. His current research is focused on the effects of habitat loss and pollution on the health of sharks and other elasmobranchs. Join him to learn about the threats sharks are facing and how you can help!

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