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Alex Braczkowski | Big Cat Biologist

Alex Braczkowski | Big Cat Biologist  

Dec 17th | 9:00AM ET

Alex is a big cat biologist from Kwazulu-Natal, SA. He has researched lions, caracal and leopards across South Africa and Uganda and filmed other big cats across three continents. Alex just wrapped filming a new National Geographic film on the incredible tree-climbing lions of southwestern Uganda.

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Popi Garcia Borboroglu | Penguin Conservationist

Popi Garcia Borboroglu | Penguin Conservationist  

Dec 17th | 10:00AM ET

Popi Garcia Borboroglu is the founder and president of the Global Penguin Society, an international science-based conservation coalition that protects the world’s penguin species. Join him live from a penguin colony in Argentina. 

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Picture of Andrew Stein

Andrew Stein | Wildlife Biologist  

Dec 18th | 9:00AM ET 

Andrew Stein works on human-carnivore conflict throughout East and southern Africa. Join him at his field site in Botswana!

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Roxanne Beltran | Marine Biologist

Roxanne Beltran | Marine Biologist  

Dec 18th | 11:00 AM ET

Join Roxanne Beltran live from the Año Nuevo Seal Colony in California! Roxanne hopes to better understand the strategies that seals use to survive and thrive in the open ocean. She is particularly interested in elephant seal pups, which begin their first migration at just three months old and learn to navigate and dive without any parental instruction.

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Picture of Thandiwe Mweetwa

Thandiwe Mweetwa | Wildlife Biologist  

Dec 19th | 10:00AM ET

Thandiwe Mweetwa is a wildlife biologist and conservation educator working to protect large carnivores with the Zambian Carnivore Programme.

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