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The National Geographic GeoChallenge empowers young people to learn about issues in their community, engage in critical thinking to identify innovative solutions, and take action as champions for the planet.

Student Matinees

National Geographic Explorers, photographers, filmmakers, and scientists embody the importance of living curious, responsible, and empowered lives. We’re proud to introduce these inspiring role models through our student matinee programs. Matinee presentations are approximately one hour and include a short question-and-answer session with the speaker. They occur in venues throughout the U.S. and some international locations.

Explorer Classroom

A program that beams Nat Geo explorers directly into classrooms from the field. Show your students that science, exploration, and conservation are alive outside their textbooks.

National Geographic Virtual Field Trips

A way for teachers to take their classes into the field with National Geographic Explorers

The Why of Where

In this Virtual Field Trip, we travel back in time with two National Geographic experts to explore Washington, D.C.'s geography. Geographer Alex Tait guides us through the streets showing the evolution of our nation's capital from 18th century boundary stones to the modern-day Metrorail system. Explorer Carter Clinton imagines what it was like for a slave to escape to freedom in the 1800's along the Underground Railroad and shows us how DNA samples can examine who those people were.

Wild Washington

Two National Geographic Explorers take us on a virtual field trip to observe Washington, D.C.'s wildlife and ecosystems! Practice backyard birding with ornithologist Pete Marra and collect plankton in the Anacostia River with biologist Gabby Corradino. Pete explains just how many birds fly through the D.C. area, and even catches a couple—showing us how he works with these feathered critters. Plankton are responsible for most of the oxygen we breathe, so Gabby shows us how to find and study these important organisms in our own backyards.

Black History Month

In this Virtual Field Trip, we celebrate Black History Month and the contributions of Black Explorers from the past and present. We explore the North Pole with Matthew Henson, examine the importance of Green Book sites with Candacy Taylor, launch to the moon with Katherine Johnson, and tell stories with Asha Stuart.

The Ocean

In this virtual field trip from National Geographic, dive into learning about what whale history and culture can teach us with Explorer Brian Skerry, how remotely operated vehicles give us an unprecedented view of seamounts in the Galápagos Islands with Explorer Salomé Buglass, and how eco-journalism inspires change with Young Explorer Sruthi Gurudev.

Revisiting History

This National Geographic Virtual Field Trip focuses on difficult but critical moments in history that are linked to systemic racism against Black communities in the United States. We’ll be exploring sunken wrecks of ships that once carried enslaved Africans with National Geographic Explorer Tara Roberts. We'll also be examining the truth about the 100-year-old Tulsa Race Massacre with Washington Post reporter DeNeen Brown. History is made up of stories, but there are some stories from our past that have been silenced—sometimes for centuries.

Our Solar System and Beyond

Explore outer space with this National Geographic Virtual Field Trip! Meet an astrophysicist searching the stars for distant planets, a nonprofit founder making space accessible to young people, and the co-creators of a new solar system graphic that appears in National Geographic magazine.