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ROBOTS 3D Education

Engage Your Students with Hands-On STEM Activities

Photograph courtesy National Geographic Entertainment

Robots 3D Education

Today's robots are nothing short of astonishing, and those coming in the not-too-distant future are simply revolutionary. These humanoid robots are becoming eerily like us. Explore what it takes to make a humanoid robot—a robot that can do anything we can do without the benefit of a human brain. ROBOTS 3D ​is a fascinating and fun look at what makes us human, how far machines can really go to look and act like us, and how humaniods, through their successes and failures, are already changing the world.

Use the resources in this collection to engage students with STEM. Hands-on activities that use everyday and easily found items make robots an accessible and engaging STEM learning tool. Pick activities on an individual basis, or create your very own robots activity kit to do all of them using the Activity Kit Guide. Coming May 2015, take on the Engineering Exploration Challenge, and use these activities to help you create your challenge solution.


Electricity and Circuits

Building Circuits

Students experiment with batteries, wires, bulbs, and switches to assemble series and parallel circuits and to test for conductivity in sample items.

Circuits with Friends

Students explore the parts of a circuit by modeling, as a group, a “human” circuit.

Actuators, Mobility, and Sensors

Making "Sense" of Robot Sensors

Students discuss the importance of senses and experiment using echolocation as an example. 

Exploring How Robots Move

Students experiment with pneumatics and hydraulics and apply these systems to produce movement. 

Round and Round with Simple Motors

Students forge a hypothesis about how motors make things move, and then build a simple electric motor using wire, a magnet, and a D cell battery to explore how motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Simple Machines and Gears

Simple Machine Challenge

Students are challenged, using everyday objects, to create simple machines to complete specific tasks.

Gearing Up with Robots

Students experiment with gear motion to understand how gears work to change the amount of force, speed, or direction of motion in machines.

Programming and Operation

How to Train Your Robot

Students apply logic and sequencing skills to write instructions, called an algorithm, for a student to complete a simple task acting as a robot.

Try It!

Engineering Exploration Challenge

Solve challenges that National Geographic explorers face in the field.

Real-World Application

Think Like a Robot … And Stay Safe Online!

Students practice safe online and social networking habits by applying common robotic programming strategies. 

Redefining Work Debate: Are Robots Taking Over Our Jobs?

Students participate in a debate on the issue of human workers being replaced by robots and automation.


See the Film

Create Your Own Activity Kit

The activities featured on this page use a combination of everyday materials. Download the activity kit guide for instructions on how to compile materials to facilitate some or all of the activities featured here.

ROBOTS 3D Activity Kit Guide

Download the activity kit guide for instructions on how to compile materials to facilitate some or all of the activities featured here.

Build Your Own!

Coming May 2015, take on real-world challenges in the 2015 Engineering Exploration Challenge. Use the activities on this page to help students develop skills and knowledge they can apply as they develop their solutions.

The Basics

Programming Robots

Justin the robot can catch a ball. There is nothing magical about this—read this media spotlight to understand why.  

Meet the Robots

Discover the amazing science behind some fascinating humanoids.

Robot: Geminoid F

This android robot looks just like a woman.

Robot: iCub

This humanoid helps us study the brain.

Robot: Robonaut 2

The first humanoid robot to go to outer space.