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Quest for the Lost Maya

New Discoveries Reveal Broader Reach of Mayan Civilization

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Photograph courtesy National Geographic Television

National Geographic Television’s Quest for the Lost Maya addresses new findings about the Maya civilization. The Maya's soaring pyramids, monumental cities, and mastery of astronomy and mathematics have spurred generations of explorers into the jungles of Central America on a quest to understand them.

In the past decade, researchers working in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula have made a series of startling discoveries that reveal a gaping hole in our understanding of the Maya. What we thought we knew about the Maya could suddenly turn out to be just half the story.

Quest for the Lost Maya follows a team of archaeologists as they uncover evidence of a forgotten Mayan society in the Yucatán. Buried beneath an ancient pyramid deep in the Yucatán jungle, the team discovers an even more ancient royal palace complex. They unearth a massive stone acropolis that rises nearly 30 feet above the jungle floor and is crowned with a ceremonial platform the size of four football fields; it could have held thousands of people. And, nearly 300 feet underground, they discover cryptic cave paintings that may be among the oldest Mayan iconography ever discovered in Mexico.

The educational resources on this page include video clips from the show, background text, and questions to engage students in learning more about these amazing discoveries, demonstrating how science and social studies intersect in reaching new understandings about ancient civilizations.

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