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Geography Awareness Week

Celebrate geography November 13 - 19, 2016

Photograph by Winn Brewer

Explore the Power of Parks

Celebrate and explore the power of parks November 13 - 19, 2016. Spatial thinking through maps is one of the most important skills that students can develop as they learn geography, Earth and environmental sciences, and so much more.

Read more about the history and purpose behind Geography Awareness Week.

Looking for even more resources? Check out the Geography Awareness Week Archive for material dating back all the way to 2000!

Tools for Planning and Promotion

This Geography Awareness Week, gather your friends, family, coworkers, and everyone in between to help you celebrate! Use these downloadable and customizable files during Geography Awareness Week to show your love for Geography and/or promote your event. 

Event Planning How-to: Instructions from gathering your planning team to sending thank-you cards, with event ideas big and small. 

How to Fund-Raise for an Event or Organization

How to Host a Webinar

How to Host a Geography Quiz Night: Complete with 100 prepared National Geographic Geography Bee questions!

How to Meet with Local Representatives: A guide for planning a trip to visit local elected officials who should be supporting better geography education.

How to Use Social Media: Tips for how and when to use each platform, and suggestions for what to post. 

How to Engage Your Local Media: Get back to basics with our suggestions for leveraging your local print, radio, and television media.

2015 Sample Letter to the Editor: Tell your area papers how important you think geography and geography education are and why with this fill-in-the blank template.

2015 Proclamation: Ask you local leaders to officially proclaim Geography Awareness Week as important to your community/ county/ state, etc. Just make sure to fill in the right blanks!

Quick activity ideas to do during events, in the classroom, at home, or in the office!