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Educator Certification Program

Become a National Geographic Certified Educator and connect with a community of educators committed to inspiring the next generation of changemakers. Join us for the launch in September of 2018.

Do you believe in empowering and inspiring students to think like explorers? In building geographic competency across disciplines? In transformative professional development that will make you and your learners into global thinkers who can change the world? If so, sign up to be notified when registration opens for the fall cohort of the National Geographic Educator Certification Program, launching September 10, 2018!


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The Educator Certification program will equip educators with the resources and training needed to teach students about the world in innovative, interdisciplinary ways. Benefits of certification include professional recognition; connection to a community of like-minded educators; and access to resources, mentorship, and leadership opportunities with National Geographic. Through this program, educators will learn about the National Geographic mission, how to teach interdisciplinarily through various scales and perspectives, and the National Geographic Learning Framework—all while applying these ideas to their own work and collaborating with educators worldwide.

Program Overview

The Educator Certification program consists of three phases:

A virtual workshop where you will connect with other educators and take a deep dive into the National Geographic Learning Framework and the thousands of educational resources and opportunities available to you

Two activities you will develop and enact in your teaching environment, which will apply the National Geographic Learning Framework and use National Geographic teaching resources

A capstone project, which will tell the story of the impact the activities had on your learners, and demonstrates your professional growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should enroll in the Educator Certification program?

Our program is primarily designed for Pre-K-12 educators who work in formal or informal settings in the United States and Canada. However, it is open to interested participants worldwide. Please note that all certification materials and deliverables are in English at this time.

Is there any cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate in this program. 

Is this program offered in person or virtually?

Certification can be done fully online. At times, the phase 1 workshop is offered in person (i.e. at conferences), in which case participants can sign up for the next cohort and pick up online at phase 2.

Are there any technological requirements?

To enroll in the workshop and complete the capstone you need a computer or mobile device and internet connection.

How much time does certification take?

Certification in total takes 15-20 hours. Once you enroll, we will provide recommendations for deadlines, but you are welcome to complete the program at your own pace.

How do I register?

Click here to be notified when registration opens for the fall cohort (September 10–November 30, 2018).

If I completed certification during its beta phase (between 2015 and spring of 2018), will my certification status be affected after the program launch?

No, your certification status will remain intact. Thank you for being among the first National Geographic Certified Educators and helping us to shape the program!

I began certification during its beta phase and have not yet completed. How can I access the beta program information?

Pick up where you left off on our Certification Beta page. (Please note: this page will be retired in summer 2018, so be sure to wrap up before then, or let us know if you want to join the September cohort!)

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