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The National Geographic Educator Network connects pre-K through 12 formal and informal educators committed to inspiring the next generation of explorers, conservationists, educators, and changemakers. We provide educators opportunities to share best practices and ideas with each other in an online community, explore innovative classroom resources, meet and build new skills at professional development workshops, and grow as leaders with the National Geographic Society.

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“As a teacher, I want to teach my students about the world around them. There is so much to learn and know about our world, and I want to bring those experiences right into our classroom. Through National Geographic, I am able to show my students that world through resources and professional learning.”

Jennifer Gross

Middle School Teacher, Waterloo, IA

“I am constantly invigorated by the support that National Geographic provides to educators, from all backgrounds, to be able to implement incredible opportunities for educators and their learners across the country.”

Heidi Ragsdale

Middle School Science Teacher and STEM Coordinator, Grand Junction, CO


“My mission is to bridge the gap between students and the environment they live in through digital journeys and real-world experiences.”

Kelly Meade

High School Teacher,  Long Beach, CA

“The supportive environment and the generous sharing of resources has been very helpful for me.  It is so helpful to see resources suggested by educators in other disciplines and consider how those might connect to mine.”

Abra Koch

High School Teacher,  Midland, OH


“My goal is to foster within students the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to become responsible and empowered global citizens.”

Jim Bentley

Geo-Inquiry Ambassador and National Geographic Fellow

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