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Geo-Literacy for New, Pre-Service, and Teacher Educators

Building a Foundation in Geo-Literacy

What is Geo-Literacy and Why Teach About It?

In our modern, globally interconnected society, it is more important than ever that students understand the world around them. Geo-literacy is the understanding of the Earth's systems, the interconnections of those systems, and the implications of decision-making on the future of our Earth.

This collection contains definitions and descriptions of geo-literacy through text, video, cartoons, various disciplines' lenses, and maps.

Connecting Kids to Their World

Students require a strong foundation in multiple disciplines in order to be geo-literate. As they develop, students begin to make sense of their world and apply proper terms, think spatially, organize information about people and places, and make connections. This collection provides models and examples of information, activities, lessons, and resources that can be used in the classroom to prepare geo-literate students.

Education Programs

National Geographic Bee

Test your geography skills on the Bee website. Take quizzes, read about past participants, and find sample questions to help prepare your students for the challenge.

Network of Alliances for Geographic Education

Join your state's geography education alliance for professional development opportunities and more.

Giant Traveling Maps

Get great resources for introducing geography and map-reading skills to students in Grades K-8

Geography Awareness Week

Learn about the program and find resources to help you celebrate all year long.

Professional Development

Find our collection of resources and programs for K-12 teaching and learning.

Extracurricular Activities

Schoolyard Garden Guides

Guides and examples to help start your own school garden.

School Lunch Issue Guide

A visual guide to making an impact in your lunch room.

Community Geography Initiative

Learn about community geography and discover opportunities to get involved.

Find Daily Content

Reference & News

Visit the reference and news page to find a glossary of geographic terms, a media-rich encyclopedia, and This Day in Geographic History.

Mapping Resources for K-12

Nat Geo MapMaker Kits

Browse our collection of large-format printable maps of continents or the world for fun, engaging classroom activities.

State Tabletop Maps

Find the map for your state and dive into state geography learning with printable tiled maps!

MapMaker Interactive

Explore your world with map themes, data, and tools for customizing your map. Create maps and share them. This easy-to-use tool is great for getting started with interactive mapping and GIS and is now optimized for tablets.