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geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Where Are We Going?  

Characteristics and fun facts about Yellowstone National Park.

two bison

Indigenous Origins  

Native American history and culture.

Yellowstone National Park entrance sign

Mapping the Journey  

Interactive mapping fun.

Along the Way

Along the Way  

Kahoots, games, and more!

bighorn sheep

Into the Wild  

Bison, wolves, and bears - oh my!

students exploring nature

Get Outdoors  

Ways to connect with nature wherever you are.

owl tilts his head and looks at camera

Tell Your Story  

Different ways to share your journey.

boy reading under a tree

Summer Reading Book List  

Explore the world through reading.

two girls reading a book together outside

Summer Book Quest  

A reading adventure with National Geographic Explorers.

Receive updates along the way as we journey across the parks.

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