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Activate your inner explorer by visiting some of North America's most interesting places - virtually or in real life - and learn about wildlife, Indigenous history, geological characteristics and more.

Education Guides and Tools

Family and Educator guide to the ocean

An Educator and Family Guide to the Ocean  

Take a deep dive into the ocean with your learners—whether they are learning online, in-person, or in hybrid settings. Download our guide for educators and families.

family of lions

A Family Guide to Using National Geographic Education Resources  

Dive into the ocean for Earth Day 2021 with your learners —whether they are learning online, in-person, or in hybrid settings.

female lion

National Geographic Education Educator Guide October 2020  

Ignite students’ curiosity and connect them to the world through engaging activities, lessons, and immersive learning experiences.

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Explorer's Mindset Toolkit  

Downloadable resources to harness the explorer mindset that is within all of us.

Learn Anywhere Resources

Explorer Classroom  

Connect and learn with National Geographic Explorers.

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Embark on an interactive journey that guides young readers through a series of challenges to connect them to the characters, engage them in the plot of the story, and activate their inner explorer’s mindset. Before you begin, download the guides below for instructions.

Created by Ashley Lamb-Sinclair, National Geographic Explorer

Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Resources by Age

Curated collections for students, educators, and families.






Explore the World

Take a virtual learning trip around the globe through engaging activities, videos, maps, infographics, fun facts, and quizzes. Created for educators, families, and learners in grades K-12.




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