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Untamed Americas Education

Learn About Unique Wildlife in North, Central, and South America

National Geographic Channel’s Untamed Americas is a four-hour miniseries event that takes viewers across North, Central, and South America. Crossing harsh, dry deserts, trekking through forests and circling the coasts, Untamed Americas takes a fresh look at life, death, familiar creatures, and scientific revelations. 

Featuring rarely-filmed animals and never-before-seen behaviors, Untamed Americas presents the great outdoors just outside our own backyards as you've never seen them before. 

The education resources on this page will help you bring content about wildlife and ecosystems in the Americas to your classroom.


Explore the physical and human geography of the Americas using these interactive mapping resources.


Endangered Animals of the Americas

What can be done to protect endangered or threatened animals?

Identifying Species

How can physical characteristics help you to identify species?

WildCam Observations

What observations can you make about wildlife?

Illustration Gallery


In a game of hide-and-seek these tricksters would never be found!


Lonesome George

Galapagos tortoise was the last of his kind.

Mexican Gray Wolf

Experimental population offers hope for this endangered species.

Condor Close-Up

Photo. Bald . . . and beautiful?

National Geographic Channel

Untamed Americas

National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild present a four hour HD mini-series event spanning the Americas.

Explore the Americas

North America

Learn about North American geography, resources, and environment.

South America

Learn about South American history, geography, and environment.

Wildlife Population Graphic

Endangered Species Categories and Criteria

Scientists at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) use these criteria to group animal populations worldwide.

Real-World Geography Profiles

Read about these National Geographic explorers and what they are doing in the field related to wildlife and biology.

Education Program

BioBlitz Education

Collecting and mapping species data in our parks, neighborhoods, and schoolyards.