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Water in the Namibian Desert

Where does water in the Namibian desert come from? Namibia's geography and the water cycle play key roles in how water reaches this dry place.


Fog is a cloud that touches the ground


Dew is the moisture that forms at night when objects or the ground outside cool down by radiating, or emitting, their heat

Earth's Water Cycle

Students work together to illustrate the water cycle as a class. Each student writes an imaginary story about the journey of one drop of water going t...

Learning About Evaporation

Watch this brief, video picture of practice that captures everyday classroom life and provides real-life examples of how students learn and think abou...


Rain is liquid precipitation: water falling from the sky. Raindrops fall to Earth when clouds become saturated, or filled, with water droplets.


Condensation is the process where water vapor becomes liquid


Encyclopedic entry. Frost is water vapor, or water in gas form, that becomes solid. Frost usually forms on objects like cars, windows, and plants tha...

water cycle

The water cycle describes how water is exchanged (cycled) through Earth's land, ocean, and atmosphere.