Tell your story.
Change the world.

Great storytelling appeals to people’s hearts as well as their heads—and creates the kind of impact needed to meet your goals.

For more than 135 years, the National Geographic Society has used the power of storytelling to chronicle the experiences of people, provide a window to places around the globe, and inspire its audience. Now, our Storytellers Collective offers your team hands-on workshops led by National Geographic Explorers to harness the power of storytelling. We share our unique practices with you through Storytelling Workshops.


National Geographic Explorers present these experiential workshops onsite at your location so your team members can easily attend. The ideal workshop length is a three-day experience. Workshops are customized to your organization and use an outcome-based learning method as trainers help participants develop their chosen story content.

Explorer Trainers

National Geographic Explorers are exceptional individuals in their fields who receive funding and support from the National Geographic Society to illuminate and protect our world through their work in science, exploration, education and storytelling. They are journalists, scientists, artists and conservationists, and all are passionate about their work. Explorers are well-seasoned in using multimedia storytelling to move hearts and advance their causes.
Jeannie Raharimampionona
Enric Sala
Jimmy Chin
Nigel Golden
Luján Agusti

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Photo credits: Martin Edstrom, Sam Kittner, Rijasolo, Manu San Félix, Mikey Schaefer, Toni Lyn Morelli, Joshua Irwandi, James Kydd, Unknown, Keith Ladzinsky