The Power of Story

People remember how stories make them feel, and are more inspired to take action than if they just heard facts and figures.

Stories are hardwired into our very biology. Our brains arrive filled with all the cognitive machinery needed to comprehend stories and share them with others. We are storytelling organisms that use narrative structures to organize our thoughts; because we use stories to recall facts, our knowledge is based on stories themselves. Little wonder, then, that our knowledge of early man shows evidence of storytelling—it was there from the start.

The Classic Storytellers

Since the origin of humankind, we have used stories as a way to entertain, inform, inspire, and provide cultural continuity. Storytelling emerged long before the written word, which on its arrival helped stories to grow and spread even further.

The Modern Storytellers

Much like our ancestors telling stories around a communal fire, Explorers come back from their sojourns with a tale to tell. Unlike legends of yore, their stories are grounded in scientific fact, but told with as much heart as ever.

The National Geographic Storytellers Collective continues the timeless tradition of storytelling by showing how to structure narratives to open hearts and change minds.

Photo credits: Karabo Moilwa, Aaron Huey, Elke Bertolli, Luis Antonio Rojas, Nitye Sood, Joshua Irwandi, Jerome Favre, Shashank Dalvi