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Explorer ClassroomAGE 13-17 / Grade 9-12

A Bird's Eye View of the Amazon | Varun Swamy

Join Explorer and ecologist Varun Swamy as he shares how he uses drones and citizen science to study the life cycles of giant Amazon trees without needing to climb them.
February 22, 2023  2:00 PM ET
About this Event

Join Explorer Varun Swamy, whose work focuses on using citizen science to collect valuable data for long-term research and conservation of the Peruvian Amazon. He uses drones to study the life cycle of Amazonian trees and engages the public on the ways we can  protect the invaluable rainforest ecosystem.

Explorer Classroom is an interactive session that connects learners with National Geographic Explorers for short lessons and Q&A. After the featured Explorer’s lesson, your students will have a chance to have their questions answered in real time! This event is recommended for student groups in grades 9-12 and will take place on February 22nd @ 2pm ET. A recording of the event will be available to watch on-demand on our YouTube channel if your students cannot attend live.

This school year, each month will be organized around a specific theme to help students build an #ExplorerMindset. February’s theme is Exploration! We’ll focus on building the attitudes of curiosity and empathy, and the skills of using geographic practices, geographic perspectives and critical thinking. Explorers will demonstrate the 21st Century Skills of creativity and innovation. The related standards are Earth’s Systems, Ecosystems, Geography and Physical Science. Teachers, we’ve also created a new interactive guide, Explorer Mindset in Action! Share this with your students to take them on a learning journey with each of our Explorers that sparks curiosity, builds empathy, and empowers ALL learners to take action.

How to Participate

#ExplorerClassroom is for everyone! All events are free.

There are two ways to participate in the virtual event, as a featured class on screen or watching live on YouTube. If space is available, you may request to be a featured class during the registration process.

February 22, 2023
2:00 PM ET
How to Watch
Watch live via Youtube or participate on screen with Zoom. Register for details on how to join.