Exploration beyond the classroom

Experiential learning

Connect directly with Explorers pushing the boundaries of science and discovery.

‘Travel’ to different parts of the globe through cutting-edge technology, interactive live sessions, and virtual field trips – without even leaving where you are. Learn about protecting rhinos firsthand from a conservationist in Africa. Explore the underwater world of manta rays with a biologist who swims among them. Through immersive learning experiences, young people develop the skills to think critically, cultivate empathy, and seek solutions that create impact on their communities and the planet.

Explorer Classroom

Join live, interactive sessions that connect young people with National Geographic Explorers to hear behind-the-scenes stories and interact with these cutting-edge scientists, researchers, and powerful storytellers from around the globe. All events are free, open to the public, and include an instructional guide to help learners get the most out of the experience. 

Check out some recent Explorer Classroom recordings or explore the full archive on YouTube.

Virtual Field Trips

With our Virtual Field Trips, students can travel back in time, go on a deep-sea excursion, or even explore the outer reaches of our Solar System – from anywhere in the world.

Photo Credits from top of page: Mark Thiessen. Below: Michael Nichols, Andy Mann, Paul Nicklen, Ami Vitale, Christian Tryon, Kenneth Garrett, Mark Thiessen.

Get updates about our critical work to explore and protect our planet.

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