There are two species of clouded leopard, Neofelis diardi and Neofelis nebulosa. Clouded leopards are considered “vulnerable” according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species™, and both species are only found in parts of Asia. The IUCN estimates that no more than 10,000 clouded leopards remain in the wild. In an attempt to study these elusive animals, researchers set camera traps and instead find poachers on the hunt for rare animals.

  1. What benefits do the merchants get from selling rare animal parts?

    • Answer

      The merchants sell rare animal parts to generate income for themselves.

  2. What are the rare animals parts used for?

    • Answer

      Certain animal parts are used in an effort to treat various medical ailments, such as snakebites.

  3. Should humans be allowed to kill rare animals that are near extinction if those animals can help to fight diseases and cure medical problems?

    • Answer

      Possible responses: Yes, because they can help cure people. No, because in the video the people are relying on superstitions or because humans should not be allowed to use rare animals at all. Humans should be allowed to use animals but not to the point where they become threatened or near extinct.