Kelsey Taylor uses infographics as a way to communicate data and information by creating a story that delivers a message or a call to action. As a child, she played a lot of games. She was particularly interested in games where she could explore the world on a map. She was also interested in design. In 2019, Kelsey was awarded a National Geographic grant which will give her the opportunity to visit several US National Parks and study how they’ve been changing over the last 200 years. Because these parks are protected areas, they should be mostly unaffected. Sadly, we know that this is not true. With the grant, she hopes to use her skills in geography and cartography to create data-driven visuals that show how climate changeis affecting these protected areas.

We invite educators to register in the free self-paced online course Storytelling for Impact in Your Classroom: Graphics. This course is one in a series of courses of the National Geographic Education program Storytelling for Impact. The course will provide educators with a deep understanding of the power of storytelling, the strength of infographics as a tool with which to tell a story, and the value of creating infographics as an instructional strategy in their classroom.

Storytelling for Impact in Your Classroom: Graphics was developed in partnership with Adobe, a champion for creativity and the power of storytelling


visual representation of data. Also called information graphic or graphic.


use of visual, literary, auditory, or other creative media to educate, inform, entertaining, or inspire an audience to take action.