Rainbow Serpent

  • Some ancient people of Australia believe a "rainbow serpent" slithered from the water to create the world. Could this fascinating myth be based on fact? Join Wild Chronicles on a quest to find the truth about Australia's amazing snakes and legends.

    1. The herpetologists, Bruce and John, search for snakes whose ancestors may have inspired the myth of the rainbow serpent. What is the first snake they find?

      Bruce and John find the rough-scaled python, one of the rarest snakes on Earth.

    2. What is the next snake Bruce and John study?

      They find a taipan, which Bruce calls "one of the world's most venomous snakes."

    3. What is unusual about the tiger snakes studied by Bruce on Chapell Island?

      Chapell Island tiger snakes can survive an entire year on a single meal.

    4. How does Bruce find the two file snakes?

      File snakes are entirely aquatic. Bruce follows a local tradition by walking through a pond barefoot, stumbling over the snakes.

    5. How do local human populations interact with file snakes?

      File snakes are a source of food to many indigenous communities.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    ancient Adjective

    very old.

    myth Noun

    legend or traditional story.

    snake Noun

    reptile with scales and no limbs.