Wild wolves are thriving again in Yellowstone National Park. Join Wild Chronicles on a trip to Yellowstone's famous Druid Peak to check up on one grey wolf pack that captured the imagination of both the public and the park rangers who work there. The family drama continues—full of attraction and fury, rivalry and warfare, and astonishing loyalty.

  1. How does Doug, the biologist, keep track of wolves in Yellowstone National Park?

    • Answer

      Doug makes sure about a third of the wolves wear collars which can be tracked using radio signals.

  2. What was unusual about the original Druid Peak wolf pack?

    • Answer

      Led by a female, the Druid Peak wolf pack gained a reputation for killing wolves from neighboring packs, as well as more common prey.

  3. The pack's original alpha female was nicknamed the "Iron Lady." How did she die?

    • Answer

      Biologists think the Iron Lady was killed by her younger sister, nicknamed the "Cinderella Wolf," who soon became the alpha female.

  4. How many wolves were part of the Druid Creek wolf pack in 2001, the height of its power?

    • Answer

      By 2001, only five years after the original wolves were introduced to Druid Peak, the pack had 37 members—the largest wolf pack in recorded history.

  5. How many wolves were part of the Druid Peak pack when this video was made (around 2006)?

    • Answer

      Only seven wolves remained part of the Druid Peak pack.

grey wolf

mammal related to the dog.

park ranger

person who protects and informs the public about local, state, and national parks. Also called a forest ranger.


people of a community.


to return members of a species to their historical range.