Wild Chronicles travels to America's North Country with one brave photographer who is looking for something beyond your "average bear."

Alaska's grizzly bears capture National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore's imagination yet fuel his worst fears. Sartore knows that as Alaska loses its wilderness to oil exploration it is the grizzly that should be afraid of him. After spending months in the wild observing changes in bear behavior as human settlements creep in on their habitat, Sartore comes to an alarming realization—it is virtually impossible to keep the two apart, and the results are not always good.

  1. How many grizzly bears inhabit the area around Prudhoe Bay, Alaska?

  2. What do grizzlies of Prudhoe Bay eat?

  3. Kodiak Island is an area of Alaska less impacted by human development. What do the bears of Larson Bay, Kodiak Island, eat?

  4. Joel, the photographer, travels to remote Hallo Bay, in Katmai National Park, to photograph bears in the wild. What are bears of Hallo Bay eating?

  5. What are the three elements that Joel needs for a great photograph of Hallo Bay's bears?

grizzly bear

large mammal native to North America.


environment where an organism lives throughout the year or for shorter periods of time.


fossil fuel formed from the remains of marine plants and animals. Also known as petroleum or crude oil.


environment that has remained essentially undisturbed by human activity.