Pre-Game Discussion Questions:

  • What is an element?
  • What is an atom?
  • What is a molecule? 
  • How is an atom different from a molecule?
  • How are molecules similar to and different from compounds?

Post-Game Discussion Questions:

  • What is the difference between an atom and a molecule?
  • If someone in the game asked for "oxygen," what would you need to give them - an atom, or a molecule?
  • What are the chemical symbols for water, table salt, and stomach acid?
  • Why is carbon so important on Earth?
  • Name, draw, provide the chemical symbol for, and describe three new elements or compounds that you learned about in the game (three that you have never heard of before)?
  • In the game, which elements could not exist as a single atom, but would combine with themselves to form diatomic molecules?