A yellow lily sits open proudly near a blooming bud in the vegetable garden of South City anarchist collective house called Bolozone in South City St. Louis June 2009.

Photograph by Nora Jehle, My Shot

Get ideas for how you can make a difference in your community through everyday activities. Meet your neighbors while learning more about where you live.

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Picture of a vacant lot.

Adopt a Vacant Lot

Make it a school or class project. Keep the lot clean and plant flowers to make it beautiful. Be sure you have permission to be on the property, and always take a friend or adult with you.

Picture of blackberries and strawberries.

Plan a Seasonal Celebration

Invite your family and/or neighbors. Prepare local foods particular to that season, such as strawberries in late spring or sweet corn in summer. Display flowers that are in bloom or trees that have leafed out and make identification tags for them that include both the name of the plant and the season.