Picture of the opening ceremony of BioBlitz 2016 in Washington, D.C.

Conduct a BioBlitz

Build awareness of biodiversity by gathering your school community on campus for a BioBlitz event, to explore and collect data on the diversity of animals, plants, and other organisms in a place. Use the iNaturalist app to load photos and help identify species while contributing data for scientific research.

Photo of a boy reading a book.

Raise Money

Start a drive to help members of your community or another community. For example, start a book or coat drive, a disaster-relief drive, a fundraising drive, or a canned goods drive.

Photo of people at an outdoor party.

Organize a Block Party

Ask neighbors to bring food, music, and activities that reflect their culture or family.

Photo of a girl with a dog.

Help a Neighbor

Adopt a neighbor who could use some extra help. Lend a hand with shoveling snow, scraping ice from a car, yard work, taking out trash and recycling, walking a dog, grocery shopping, or other tasks.

Photo of a girl covered in pink powder.


Offer to babysit a neighbor's child.

Photo of a boy throwing a handball.

Join a Team

Join a community team or league.

Join a Group

Participate in a community organization such as the YMCA.

Photo of a young boy drinking from a water fountain.

Investigate Your Water

Find out where your local drinking water comes from. Brainstorm ways that you and other people in the community can help keep the water supply safe and clean.