Collaborate with Others Around the World

Partner with another school or classroom to encourage collaboration and cross-cultural engagement. A number of platforms allow for this, such as ePals and iEarn International.

Organize a Movie Night

Host a film screening that relates to geography. Invite coworkers, friends, classmates, and neighbors. Check out National Geographic Education's Geography film list for some ideas.

Organize a Geography Trivia Night

Host a geography quiz night. You could even make it a weekly or monthly event with clever themes for each quiz night, or simply host one incorporating the yearly theme for Geography Awareness Week. See our How to Host a Geogaphy Quiz Night guide to get started.

Go Geo-caching or Earth-caching

Geo-caching is a high-tech scavenger hunt. Players use global positioning system (GPS) devices and clues to navigate to the locations of hidden treasures or “caches.” Earth-caching is similar to geo-caching, but rather than searching for hidden stores, participants attempt to identify the coordinates of places—usually unique landscape features such as ponds, rocky outcrops, or other geologic formations. Geo-caching and Earth-caching are great ways to enjoy the outdoors, explore new places, learn how to use GPS technology, and practice map-reading and navigation skills. To geo-cache or earth-cache, you’ll need a GPS receiver or a GPS-enabled smart phone. You’ll also need a map of the region you’ll be exploring. Check out to get started.

Host a Salvage Sale

Organize a yard sale or end-of-the-year salvage event to get rid of unwanted furniture and items. Consider ways to involve local non-profit organizations and small businesses so that they can acquire furniture and office supplies cheaper than they otherwise would be able to.

Hold a Contest

Organize a poster, art, photo, or poetry contest on your campus, in your office, or in your community that encourages people to celebrate geography in everyday life. 

Volunteer for a Non-Profit Organization

Volunteer with your friends, classmates, coworkers, and neighbors for a day of service during Geography Awareness Week. Some activities you could include are reading to children at a local elementary school, cleaning up a nearby park, or planting a community garden.

Host a Speaker Series

Find someone who has done something related to geography that is interesting or inspiring, or even just plain cool, and get her or him to speak to your class or group. Consider professionals, professors, a local business, authors, and explorers. If possible, put together a speaker series or panel of speakers.