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At National Geographic, we believe that young people have the power to address some of the world’s most pressing problems. Sign up to be a part of the growing #GenGeo community of young people who are committed to exploring connections, taking action for our planet, and inspiring a sustainable future.

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Stories matter. Learn from world-class National Geographic photographers, videographers, and visual designers in a series of Storytelling for Impact courses in partnership with Adobe on how to use compelling photography, video, graphics, and audio to tell stories in the most impactful ways to affect change.

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Photograph by Ryan Hill

Meet members of the growing #GenGeo community

Read more #GenGeo stories and meet our Young Explorers.

Shriya helps peers in India become sustainability solution seekers and leaders in their community.

Andrew empowers students in the U.S. to advocate for themselves and solve community problems.

Baylee empowers global youth through peer-to-peer training, networking, and skill-building.

Richard solves local problems impacting Big Cats in Kenya to inspire global solutions.


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