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Picture of rhino and wild pigs

Exposing the Rhino Horn Trade  

Because of you, our Special Investigations Unit is exposing the criminal networks that threaten animals.

Picture of Steve Boyes and team in the Okavango

Protecting a Rare Wilderness  

You’re helping to protect the incredible wildlife and biodiversity of Africa’s Okavango Delta.

Picture of Sea Lion in the Galapagos

Saving the Ocean's Wild Places  

Thanks to you we have helped preserve more than 1.2 million square miles of ocean territory.

Learn how your support is helping change the world for the better.

Every day, National Geographic works to promote science and conservation across the planet, and we couldn't do it without your generosity.

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Your support funds scientists and explorers who are pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

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Impact Programs

Impact Programs  

We support hundreds of important projects every year, but a few of our key programs—like the Big Cats Initiative—increase awareness and promote protection of our planet's most critically threatened species, habitats, and more.

Picture of a naturalist ringed by a group of rotating barracuda

D.C. Exhibitions and Events  

Experience the adventure of National Geographic at our exhibitions and events in Washington and around the globe​.

Explorers and Grants

Explorers and Grants  

The work of our global community of scientists and explorers, from our yearly class of emerging explorers to our grantees doing research in the field, is helping change the world.


We give educators powerful tools to reveal our interconnected world—and inspire new generations.

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National Geographic Bee

National Geographic Bee  

Our exciting annual competition teaches the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of explorers, empowering four million students each year to become informed and curious global citizens.

Picture of Alizé Carrère and lemur

Bringing the World to the Classroom  

Our explorers inspire young minds with live video chats from the field. Register your class for an upcoming Explorer Classroom hangout or check out our archive. 

Educational Resources

Educational Resources  

Our rich collection of free educational media including interactive mapping tools, encyclopedic articles, lesson plans, and more supports learning across geography, social studies, and science.

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TOP IMAGES: Manu San Felix (Mission), O. LOUIS MAZZATENTA (Space Archaeology); John Stanmeyer (Out of Eden walk), MISSION Images: (From Left): Michael nichols, James Kydd, enric sala