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For nearly 130 years, National Geographic has been documenting our extraordinary planet and all that is in it. We bring stories of adventure, world cultures and wild places to life in exhibitions, live events and experiences that are designed to be shared with audiences of all ages.

We partner with museums, science centers, universities, galleries, zoos and aquariums all over the world on relevant and important projects. From large scale interactives to stunning photography shows, National Geographic Traveling Exhibitions are a window to the world.

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View a list of available exhibitions to learn more about what National Geographic currently has to offer. Contact our team to speak to a traveling exhibitions manager with any questions, or to discuss how we can customize exhibitions to meet your venue requirements.

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Photography Exhibition
50 Greatest Portraits

Every great portrait speaks for itself. Its tone may be dignified or defiant, confrontational or conspiratorial, elusive or evocative – but whatever its mood, it addresses the viewer directly, a ...

Photography Exhibition
50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs

For 130 years, National Geographic has pioneered and championed the art of wildlife photography, and captivated generations of engaged audiences with a steady stream of extraordinary images of animals in ...

Photography Exhibition
50 Greatest Landscapes

This breathtaking tour of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes reveals the splendors of nature in every form. Best-in-class photographers capture views you never imagined, climbing mountains, flying in helicopters, and ...

Photography Exhibition

National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry’s first encounter with a female blue shark off the coast of Rhode Island over 30 years ago was a galvanizing moment. “I was entranced by ...

Photography Exhibition
Photo Ark

Photo Ark is a multi-year National Geographic project with a simple goal—to create portraits of the world’s species before they disappear and to inspire people to care. Each image is ...

Photography Exhibition
Photo Ark for Zoos

Zoos worldwide are hosting Photo Ark exhibitions to raise awareness of conservation efforts to save species. This is a multi-year National Geographic project with a simple goal—to create portraits of the ...

Large Interactive
Monster Fish

Stunning life-size sculptures, video installations, and evocative illustrations introduce visitors to more than 20 species—each measuring at least six feet long and weighing at least 200 pounds. Visitors will embark ...

Large Interactive

Meet Spinosaurus. Over 50 feet long, 20 feet high, and weighing in at six tons, Spinosaurus is the largest predatory dinosaur to ever roam the Earth—even bigger than T. rex. ...

Large Interactive
Birds of Paradise

In 2004, National Geographic photographer Tim Laman and Cornell University Lab of Ornithology scientist Edwin Scholes began a series of 15 targeted expeditions to document these bizarre birds. More than ...

Photography Exhibition
Into Africa

Visitors will take a grand tour through the wonders of wild Africa as seen through the lens of Frans Lanting, in an exhibition of discoveries and insights from one of ...

Photography Exhibition
Women of Vision

For the last decade, some of the most powerful and impactful stories have been produced by a new generation of 11 female photojournalists. These women are as different as the ...

Photography Exhibition
50 Greatest Photographs

“50 Greatest Photographs” showcases many of the most compelling imagery published in the history of the magazine. This exhibition will transport visitors behind the lens of some of National Geographic’s ...

Photography Exhibition
Rarely Seen

The latest entry in National Geographic’s iconic line of large-format photography books reveals some of the world’s most astounding phenomena—from the desert flower that blooms only once a year to ...

Photography Exhibition
Lions & Tigers & Bears

Though they are extremely powerful, lions, tigers, and bears need not be feared as Dorothy and her friends famously did along the Yellow Brick Road. Rather, these majestic predators deserve ...

Photography Exhibition
Greatest Photographs of the American West

While no single institution can assume credit for the diverse and complex associations that attach to the simple phrase the “American West,” throughout its almost 130-year history, National Geographic has ...

Photography Exhibition
New Age of Exploration

Since its founding in 1888, National Geographic has inspired explorers from around the world. Celebrate nearly 130 years of vivid storytelling through stunning photography and video. From the earliest Society ...

Photography Exhibition
Iconic National Geographic

From the early beginnings of the National Geographic Society to the cutting edge work of today, this exhibit gathers the most captivating and memorable images. Highlighting virtually every corner of ...

Photography Exhibition
The Future of Food

Why are we interested in the future of food? Food connects us, nourishes us, and defines us. In our rapidly changing, globalized world, we need to understand how food has ...

Photography Exhibition
Climate Change

It’s not a myth, hoax or a conspiracy among scientists. This exhibition highlights 7 things you need to know about Climate Change. From the rising tides of the Kiribati to ...

Photography Exhibition
The World in Black and White

The images in this exhibition were captured by seventeen National Geographic photographers between 1880 and 1950. Through their travels across the United States, Clifton R. Adams, J. Baylor Roberts, Edwin L. ...

Photography Exhibition
Colors of the World

Take a breathtaking visual journey through a rainbow of stunning photographs in National Geographic’s exhibition Colors of the World. Our world is a kaleidoscope of color. From the hazy blues ...

Photography Exhibition
Weird But True!

Did you know that girls have more taste buds than boys do? Or that slugs have 3,000 teeth and 4 noses? And who knew that gorillas burp when they’re happy? ...

Photography Exhibition
Polar Obsession

Polar Obsession is a photography exhibition featuring nearly 40 striking images of the world’s polar regions from National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen. The images take visitors underwater and across the ice, delivering a ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibition Types

From large, interactive exhibitions to elegant photography shows, National Geographic offers high-quality traveling exhibitions to meet the needs of institutions both small and large. Working together with photographers, explorers, and other partners, National Geographic creates exhibitions covering a wide range of topics with appeal for multiple audiences. Nearly any size venue can be accommodated, from 200 linear feet for a small photo show to an 8,000-square-foot, interactive exhibition.


To book a traveling exhibition, fill out the booking request form. A member of our Exhibitions team will respond within one business day to discuss your venue’s interest in a National Geographic Exhibition, to outline fees and logistics including shipping, and to answer any additional questions you may have. 

A traveling exhibition manager will walk you through the process of selecting the right exhibition space to meet your programmatic goals. This includes providing you with detailed object lists with images for your review and examining the schedule to find out what is available during your desired time frame.

The next step is to fill out a standard facilities report, which we will provide you. This report helps National Geographic evaluate the characteristics of your display space to ensure the proper environment and security are in place to host a National Geographic exhibition. For larger exhibitions the report also helps determine if your venue can support the logistical needs required, such as ceiling height, storage space, electrical needs, loading dock specifics, and other useful information that makes hosting an exhibition possible.

Cost and Schedule

A typical hosting period is 12-16 weeks. The loan fee ranges with the size and complexity of the exhibition selected. Please connect with us via the booking request form to discuss specific loan fees and timing.  


Shipping arrangements are made by National Geographic in consultation with the venue and may be included in the exhibition loan fee. If shipping is not included in the loan fee, the exhibitor will pay for the cost of inbound shipping. A list of crates with their sizes and contents are provided to the venue to assist in installation planning. For larger exhibitions where multiple tractor trailers are used, a detailed truck pack plan is provided to the venue in advance to assist in installation preparations and staging plans. The traveling exhibitions manager will identify any manpower and special equipment needs for unloading and loading at the exhibitor’s location.

Installation Requirements

Installation requirements vary considerably depending on the size and complexity of the exhibition. For smaller photography exhibitions, installation may take only a few days with minimal staff. For larger exhibitions with exhibition furniture, audio, visual elements, and artifacts, it may take two weeks. A traveling exhibition manager will work closely with you and your staff to develop a detailed installation and de-installation plan tailored to your needs and exhibition characteristics.

Marketing and Promotion

Once a contract is executed, National Geographic provides access to exhibition marketing assets and can provide guidance on usage and strategy. All materials produced by the host venue must be approved by National Geographic before being produced for public consumption.

International Venues

National Geographic works with many partners worldwide, and has placed exhibitions in nearly 40 countries, viewed by more than 15 million visitors to-date. Please connect with us via the booking request form and the Global Manager for Traveling Exhibitions will be in touch with more information to help your desired show.

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