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Food and Agriculture Organization Founded

On October 16, 1945, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was founded in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.


Encyclopedic entry. Food is one of the basic necessities of life. Food contains nutrients—substances essential for the growth, repair, and maint...

Health at Every Size

Join the new peace movement—with your own body! Learn how Health at Every Size can help you become healthy without waging the diet battle.

Bug Chef: David George Gordon

David George Gordon is a science writer and "bug chef."

School Lunch Issue Guide

A visual guide to making an impact in your lunch room.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Photo. Fresh fruits and vegetables are two of the most important parts of a healthy diet.


Nutrients are chemical substances found in every living thing on Earth

W.K. Kellogg Dies

On October 6, 1951, Will Keith Kellogg, founder of the Kellogg Company, died in Battle Creek, Michigan.


A diet is the combination of foods typically eaten by a specific group of people or other organisms.

Village of Elephants

Elephants along the Sangha River spend time at the Dzanga Bai, or "village of elephants," a huge clearing in the rain forest. The elephants go there...