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Mariana Trench

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The Mariana Trench: Earth's Deepest Place

Students locate the Mariana Trench on a map, discuss who has jurisdiction over it, and identify the challenges of e...


Engineering Pressure

Students will be inspired by James Cameron’s historic DEEPSEA CHALLENGE dive to investigate pressure and use ...


Protecting the Mariana Trench

Students read about the establishment of the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument and discuss why it is imp...


Deep-Sea Decisions

Students research members of the team behind the historic DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition and then take on the role of...


Adapting Under Pressure

Students investigate conditions in the deepest parts of the ocean, make inferences about ocean creatures based on t...


Kevin Hand | The Search for Life Beyond Earth

Use this collection of resources to engage students before and after a National Geographic student matinee....


Solving a CHALLENGE-ing Problem

Inspired by James Cameron’s historic DEEPSEA CHALLENGE dive, students will investigate pressure, biological a...


Failure: The Key to Success

Explorer-in-Residence James Cameron's record-breaking DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition was not without some setbacks, b...

Historic Article

Piccard and Walsh Go Deep

On January 23, 1960, Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh descended 10,915 meters (35,810 feet) into the Pacific Ocean in ...


Engineering Inspirations from Nature

Students investigate how nature can inspire engineers. Students follow an engineering process to design an underwat...


Resources in the Deep Sea

Students learn about the three ocean light zones, make predictions about deep-sea resources, and read about those r...


Undersea Geology

Students locate and label geologic features of the ocean and explore the relationship of these features to plate te...


Dissecting Exploration Vehicles

Students research and compare three deep-sea exploration vehicles to determine how the designs of these vehicl...


Exploring Extremes

Through videos, students hear astronauts and deep-sea explorers describe what life is like in the extreme environme...


Exploring Pressure

Students conduct a series of experiments to see how water depth affects pressure. They then develop a model to illu...


Investigating Pressure

Students explore the relationship among force, area, and pressure through a variety of examples and models. They co...


You Can Take the Pressure!

Students engineer a model vessel that can rise slowly to the surface from a depth of 3 meters (10 feet) under water...


Filmmaker, Inventor, and Explorer: James Cameron

James Cameron is the deepest man in the world . . . the Oscar-winning filmmaker and innovative inventor descended m...



Travel with James Cameron and the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER team as they attempt the first ever solo dive to the world's d...


Deep Knowledge

Marine microbiologist Dr. Douglas Bartlett and marine geologist Dr. Patricia Fryer share information obtained from ...